This is Broken

Posted on May 7, 2009



This is Broken!
A project to make businesses more aware of their customer experience, and how to fix it.

I like what author Seth Godin says about customer service:

“If I think it’s broken or you think it’s broken, then it’s broken”

One of my peeves in life is bad customer service. It’s amazing to me how customer service is broken in so many different ways. I am constantly amazed how organizations, businesses, and churches will put their own needs, comfort, and convenience, over their guests or customers. Sure, it can be worst in a lot of ways but it can also be much better. This is a great website that allows you to post bad customer service experiences from all different arenas. It’s funny, sad, and convicting. A creative Leader’s calling is to go to war against bad customer service. Get ready to go to battle!


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