No laughing matter

Posted on May 4, 2009



I heard an interesting quote tonight while watching one of my favorite sitcoms, 30 Rock. The main character, tired of the ‘hoops’ she has to jump through in order to please a ‘high maintenance’ artist says to him:

“People treat you the way you teach them to treat you”

This is an interesting idea. Many times we want to victimize ourselves and say we get treated unjustly by friends, co-workers, or a boss. The reality is that we often train others how to act around us. They rather step on egg shells, tell half truths, sugar coat the situation, put on rose colored glasses, or puff up your ego so not to hurt your feelings. There are reasons why artists are notorious for being overly sensitive or high maintenance. Do you feed that stereotype? Do you make others jump through hoops in order to keep the peace? 

Try asking everyone on your team if you are teaching them to treat you differently. Get rid of the hoops in your environment. Unlike a sitcom, serious character issues are nothing to laugh at.