The power of Telemarketing…

Posted on April 30, 2009



I am still amazed when a telemarketer calls or when a salesman knocks at my door. It doesn’t matter if they are giving away money, diamonds, or gold bricks, I won’t take it-no matter what. I’m that jaded. However, I know that someone, somewhere thinks this form of marketing still works. Does ANYONE actually respond? This is the funny thing. At one point, these were the state of the art marketing tactics that yielded profitable results. After that it was newspaper, magazines, TV commercials, websites, and e-mail spam. The sobering reality is that how we view telemarketing and door-to-door sales, is the same way the next generation will also view Facebook and Twitter. The hot technologies now will soon be antiquated and ineffective. It’s hard to believe but it’s already happening.

As creative leaders we need to learn the art of embracing the ‘tool of the day’. Yesterday it was websites and e-mail, today it is FB and Twitter, and tomorrow it will be Shazbot and ZipZip (just made that up). We have to eagerly adapt to this constantly changing, techno obsessed world. Influential leaders create multiple forms of inspiration in the real AND the virtual world. Not for the purpose of creating communication pollution but to create opportunities to influence and inspire the next generation of leaders. A chance to inspire is a privilege not to neglect or abuse.

So three ways to fully embrace and utilize theses constantly evolving technologies:

  • Facebook: Fill it with real content; great pictures, great articles, and great information about yourself. Visiting your FB is like visiting your home. If there are no pictures, furniture, or decor, you tell me nothing about yourself. I don’t understand FB pages that just have a few photos of the kids and says nothing about the owner.
  • Twitter: I don’t care what you ate for dinner. You have 140 characters to inspire me or lead me to an interesting place. I am following you FOR A REASON! If I am following you need to lead me. You can follow me on Twitter @ tonybkim
  • Blog: If you had a chance to speak at TED, on Oprah, or the Presidential Inauguration, what would you say? A blog gives you a world-wide audience EVERYDAY. Know what you want to say and say it boldly. Catching people up on your thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy is a waste of time.

Unleash the potential of these communication platforms NOW because tomorrow they will be like telemarketing and door-to-door sales. Sure you might still be using it but a larger majority will be laughing at you while Shazboting and ZipZiping right past you.