Laidoff? Get an X-ray…

Posted on April 26, 2009



No one get an x-ray just for the fun of it. You get them for a reason and that reason is usually not good. The few times I have gotten an x-ray I noticed something, the doctor is not complimentary on the positive conditions of your body. He can care less about the 99.9% of what he sees.  He is only interested in the .1% of the x-ray that contains the mysterious spot. Have you ever heard a doctor say ‘what a beautiful pair of lungs you have. Tell me, what is your secret?’ The doctor’s only concern is a very small percent because he knows the small will affect the large.

The current economy is depressing. I still can’t believe how many of my friends have been laid off and have lost their jobs. Before, being laid off usually meant you weren’t performing well in some area. Now, no one is immune to the potential of job loss. What is fascinating is how many of my friends were relieved that they lost their jobs. Not because they wanted more stress, but because they weren’t fulfilled in their current postion. They were not living out their God given potential and this was an excuse to start over. Sure there is a lot of stress financially and emotionally when transitioning out of a job. However, most of my newly unemployed friends are welcoming the transition.

It’s time to be a master at transitions. We are living in a constantly changing world. Whether it’s politically, socially, economically, or technologically, we have to learn to transition with ease, pose, and with regularity. Just like an x-ray, it doesn’t matter how great your resume is, what skills you have, or your vast experience. It’s the .1% (for some of us it’s bigger!) that is keeping you from your desired future. That mysterious spot may be fear, addiction, pride, envy, greed, or some other cancerous issue in your life. Don’t be fooled by how beautiful 99.9% of the rest of your life looks. That little spot may be the difference between living a life of fulfilling dreams or a life that leads to death.

If you have recently lost your job, this is your chance to examine the x-ray of your life. Don’t focus on what looks healthy but instead, be in search of the blemishes, spots, and growths that you know will hinder your future. Like a doctor, ask your family, friends, peers, boss, etc to help discover them. The process of removing the spots may be painful but it will make you healthier, stronger, and more valuable in the marketplace.

.1% can change everything.