Signs of the times

Posted on April 20, 2009



As the largest print centers in America, Kinko’s has been able to dominate all other competition through mass expansion and low prices. However, just because you are big does not mean you are always right. Personally, I think Kinko’s is a mediocre substitute for a real printing solution. Kinko’s focuses on making copies- unfortunately, it copies the wrong things. I saw a huge sign outside one of their branches that read:

Signs mean business

Really? It’s that simple? That tactic may have worked a decade or two ago, but now it takes much more than slick advertisement to gain business. The world is inundated with signs, ads, and banners on-line and off. We are surrounded with the visual clutter of advertisement. With so much commercial pollution, the only choice we have is to ignore. There is no sign or banner that can change anyone’s mind. The only reliable growth engine for any organization is a good reputation and a quality product. It would sure be refreshing if Kinko’s big sign outside read:

A better products means better business or
Don’t take my word for it, ask your friends

I don’t think Kinko’s ‘Signage Division’ would like that tactic. This volatile economy is difficult for any organization. This is not the time to rely on old methods or antiquated marketing tactics to grow your business or church. Being creative is your best chance for survival. Creating original products that are worth talking about are the two most influential factors in your company’s future.

So stop wasting money on signs, banners, direct mail, flyers, etc… I have learned to ignore it all and so have others. Don’t be like Kinko’s and make copies, instead make originals.