Feel lucky?

Posted on April 17, 2009



I’ve been pondering about the idea of ‘luck’ lately. Why do certain doors open for some and close for others? Why is one person more likely to have ‘good luck’ and another attract ‘bad luck’? Is luck really random or are people just blessed or cursed with different kinds of luck? Is it God’s way of playing with our heads? Is it possible to generate good luck?

Maybe the question isn’t ‘why me’ but ‘what now’? This is an excerpt from a blog of the great Seth Godin about this very topic:

Do you deserve it?
Do you deserve the luck you’ve been handed? The place you were born, the education you were given, the job you’ve got? Do you deserve your tribe, your customer base, your brand?

Not at all. “Deserve” is such a loaded word. Most of us don’t deserve the great opportunities we have, or the lucky breaks that got us here.

The question shouldn’t be, “do you deserve it.” I think it should be, “what are you going to do with it now that you’ve got it?”

There was a time when I thought some people just had good luck that’s why they have that certain job, relationship, house, position, friends, etc. The truth is, we are all lucky at times, but most just enjoy it for the moment then let it pass. A select few don’t waste time with enjoyment, but focuses on really unleash the opportunity to its fullest- thus creating more opportunity. Remember, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Are you prepared? An opportunity is waiting for you around the corner.


So I stopped asking why a good thing happens. Instead, the moment it happens, I ask myself ‘what am I going to do with this now?’ 

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