Food and Creative Leadership

Posted on April 13, 2009



Yes, you can be a creative leader when it comes to food.

Kogi BBQ Tacos is the latest craze to hit LA. A blend of Korean and Mexican ingredients, Kogi is a fusion of unique and savory spices to please the cravings of the LA scene. This new LA (& soon to spread) phenomenon is a fusion of Korean beef, onions, cilantro, & kimchee, wrapped in a soft taco shell. The ‘Kogi truck’ rolls around LA, announcing its new location via Twitter (that’s bold). It’s not only a creative food but a creative experience.

I had my first yesterday at church. Volunteers created a version of the delicious tacos as a special lunch for our Easter guests. It was the best tacos I’ve had in a while. It got me thinking about how much food can say about you (or your organization). Since our community values multi-culturalism, Kogi BBQ was a great way to illustrate that value for us. Creative leadership is about creatively inspiring through all the senses like design, experience, the spoken word, and taste. Creative food is a great (and easy) way to stretch people out of their comfort zone. It‘s also a natural social lubricant when bringing strangers together. There are not many new foods out there but there are an endless combinations being created all the time. If you haven’t heard of Kogi Tacos, believe me you will soon. We had a lot of people visiting us for the first time just for the tacos.

Is your organization’s hospitality serving the same old stuff week after week? Are you trying to inspire through your food? Are you considering how your food can be an expression of your core values? Try innovating a new type of food to represent your organization.

You never know, you may start the next craze.

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