I saw Jesus on the moon!

Posted on April 12, 2009



The year was 1969. It was a tumultuous era full of war, strife, and political unrest. In that year, 250,000 people gathered in the largest anti-war protest in American history. A new (and now infamous) president was attempting to lead a divided American government and county into a better future. The world was overwhelmed with problems and hope was in short supply.

During this time, far from the current issues of the world a young, inexperienced team helped a few brave men overcome another problem- was it possible for a man to walk on the moon? Established just a decade earlier, NASA was America’s answer to the space race against the Soviet Union. After much innovation, pain, and sacrifice, the Apollo 11 mission finally achieved the goal of being the first to the moon- and more importantly, they were able to fulfill a dream. A captivated worldwide audience witnessed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take their fated, first steps that would change history forever and achieve the impossible. Imagine that, NASA proved the impossible was now possible. The world would never be the same.



Rewind 2000 years and the world was not so different. It was also a tumultuous era filled with conflict and change. In a small corner of the Middle East, a small group of people were at work laying the foundation for the first church. One man was on a one way mission of destiny. The mission; was it possible for a man to return from the dead? Like the 1969 moon landing, Jesus’ resurrection made that the impossible, possible. This miracle was a beacon of hope to not just that ancient world but for all generations to come.

Today, we too are in a desperate need of a savior. Terrorism, a broken economy, and world conflict seem to have drained the hope out of our lives. The world has not changed much in two thousand years and neither has our need for the impossible. One small step for Jesus became one giant step for mankind. Be thankful that the impossible has become the possible.

So on this day of achieving the impossible, let us remember and give thanks in the spirit of NASA’s motto: “For the benefit of all”