Church is boring!

Posted on April 10, 2009


In honor of Easter weekend, I thought it would be a good reminder to hear why people don’t go to church. This is a web survey taken not too long ago:

Top 10 reasons people don’t go to church

  • Boring or unfulfilling church services 42%
  • Beliefs of the church 35%
  • Church’s moral views 35%
  • No need to 34%
  • Prefer to do other things 31%
  • “My beliefs are too weak” 27%
  • The way churches are organized 24%
  • Other commitments 21%
  • Bad experience among church people 16%
  • Not enough time because of work 15%

Creative leaders have the power to change things. So this Easter, don’t let your church be a statistic. And next year, don’t let people talk about how boring your church was.