Writers Strike

Posted on April 9, 2009



I’ve had a love for ‘first person’ tactical shooter games for a long time. I particularly have enjoyed the Tom Clancy, Rainbow Six series. This popular game has intense game play and rich graphics but there is something more to it. Over the years, the entire series has featured a ‘coop’ (cooperation) mode that allows for human players to team up against the A.I. enemy. As a team, you get to clear out an area with hostile terrorist, save hostages, or blow up targets of opportunities. The solo missions may be fun but its true potential is experienced when you play as a team. There’s a unique satisfaction and bonding that occurs when you work together to obtain a common team objective.

I recently joined a newly formed writing group called “Writers Strike”. Creative leadership doesn’t mean you are always leading. It also means you are listening and learning. This group is composed of amateur writers creating blogs, stories, non-fiction, and novels. We review each other’s work, discuss various topics on writing, and encourage each other to develop the craft of writing. It especially helps young writers like me to understand the subtle nuances of the art of writing.

I’m continually amazed with how so many artists prefer to go on solo missions verses coop. Artist avoid such groups for many reason like fear of rejection, fear of commitment, or just plain laziness. By doing so, artists miss the opportunity to grow in their craft and gaining the needed confidence. If you are serious about pushing your artistic abilities to the next level, you need to join or form a group whom you trust and can commit to.

When you’re playing coop shooter games, a funny thing happens on occasion. Sometimes you get ”‘murphy’d”, which means getting shot by a teammate by accident. It’s funny and frustrating at the same time, but it comes with the territory. As painful as it is, I would rather get murphy’d on occasion by friends then get obliterated by the general public. Writers Strike is great for that.

Special thanks to Travis, Jeff, Stephen, & Rhino!