You shall not marry your wife’s sister…

Posted on April 8, 2009



Let’s face it, the Bible is weird. It’s filled with spectacular stories, mystical beings, and strange laws, such as:

  •  You shall not marry your wife’s sister
  • You shall not trim the corners of your beard
  • You should not lie on a bed where a menstruating woman has lain, and you can’t sit on a chair where she has sat
  • You shall not wear a garment of cloth made of two kinds of materials

It’s a wonder the Bible has stood the test of time, with baffling statements like these We have to remember that what is familiar to one is foreign to another. In this modern age, it’s still confusing, often misunderstood, and misquoted. As a follower of Jesus, it’s easy to forget that. My hope is that people would just ‘get it’ and embrace the Bible with open arms. But why would they? Should they just because I said so? No way.

Easter is a few days away. It’s the most important event of the year on the Christian calendar and every church in America is preparing for myriads of ‘non-believers’ to walk in their doors ready to accept Jesus as their savior. Because of today’s skeptical generation, I believe it’s harder to accept anything for face value anymore. Most don’t have the time or the desire to investigate if the Bible is true or not. All they have time for is people’s opinions or ‘word of mouth’. That’s why it is so important to understand what is in the mind of a skeptic when it comes to the the bottom) by secular author AJ Jacobs. He wrote a book called “The Year of Living Biblically”. As a non-Christian, he experimented with living out EVERY rule, law, and command listed in the Bible for an entire year. I not only found his journey humorous but surprisingly insightful and refreshing. There is no ‘Christianese’ and no church talk, just honest exploration of Biblical values. His conclusions were fascinating and I wish I could have shared a conversation with him afterwards.

Creative leadership is about opening people’s eyes to new perspectives. This is why I have included a 17 minute video (


I hope you enjoy this video, but more so I hope that are reminded that Easter is just the beginning of the journey for many. Easter won’t change the fact that the Bible is still filled with spectacular stories, mystical beings, and strange laws. But perhaps through a relationship, you can help someone not only discover the truth but experience it.

Your word of mouth has more power than you think.

More of his experiences can be found at: .