Thankgoodness for splinters

Posted on April 1, 2009



Since I work with my hands so much, I noticed a tiny cut on my thumb- I thought it would go away in a day or two. The irritation grew. After further examination, I realized there was a splinter and a big one at that. Thanks to my friend “cAngela” (with needle and tweezers), I was finally freed of the micro thorn and able to resume my duties.

It’s a wonder how sovereign and mighty we are in comparison to a small splinter and yet this tiny obstruction can stop us in our tracks. If I didn’t get it out, it would have turned into a worst problem too. As a creative leader, it reminds me of how vulnerable we really are. In all our creativity and ingenuity, it only takes a ‘character’ splinter to shut us down- and untreated, it could shut us down permanently. Here are the “3 P” splinters:

  • Pride: jealousy, anger, intimidation, control, workaholism, or fear
  • Passion: unhealthy relationships, pornography, materialism, alcohol, gambling, etc.
  • People: Lack of community, self-centeredness, or no accountability

Most creative leaders are already ‘type A’ which means they don’t have a problem with laziness, lack of drive, or focus. It’s the extreme stuff that starts tiny and small but can really turn into something ugly. Another thing I noticed is that it takes another person to help get the splinter out- you always need others no matter how independent you get. Thank God for splinters- they keep us human and humble.

Splinters are inevitable in life. Be prepared and treat it immediately with the help of others.