iCrazy: Lessons from Apple

Posted on March 31, 2009


Regardless of what you think about Apple a product, one thing is for certain, the company has created an obsessed following. The loyal fan base that has been created is any marketers’ heavenly dream. Here are a few crazy lessons we have learned from the tsunami level phenomenon of Apple:



The logo is clean and simple. An actual apple has as much to do with computers as Starbucks (Mobey Dick) has to do with coffee. The only way to make it work is to make it work. Lesson learned: Simplicity sells.



Coming out with magazine focused on ‘addicts’ says that your product is worth being addicted to. Apple targets a sub-culture within a sub-culture. Lesson learned: Create an elite class.



This was the best advertising that Apple could have hoped for. There is no marketing or advertising that is more powerful than fans waiting in line to get what you offer. Lesson learned: Create a product worth standing in line for- nothing less.




Mockery (especially with a religious tone) is the best form of flattery. If there is something to make fun of, which means it’s something worth making fun of. Lesson learned: Be just outrageous enough to be mocked.




“Modding” is the slang term for ‘modifications’. Modding a Mac case to a mailbox instantly says a lot about the owner. Lesson learned: Allow for modifications and personalization.




If your product makes it on the human body, you know you have arrived. Lesson learned: Nothing is more contagious than passion. 

Did you notice that there is nothing here about the actual cool features of Apple products? These days, the experience is just as important as the goods. In order to succeed, you need both. A great product with no experience and you become forgettable. Great experience with a lousy product just screws your credibility. You need both to succeed.

Are you creating and experience and a product people were to be a part of?