Color Splash

Posted on March 29, 2009



I have a personal passion for great interior design; this is part of the reason for creating cWOW Design Stars. Since Design Stars is very similar to the HGTV home renovation shows, I often get asked which one is my favorite. Hands down its Color Splash with David Bromstad. I think this show does a great job teaching technique, creating fun experiences, and inspiring the viewers. David has a fantastic bold sense and leads the projects well. He is also a painter- another passion of mine. Here is a 4 minute summary clip from Color Splash: 

Because of these shows and Design Stars, I am continually amazed with the power of great interior design. It’s a neglected art form but can make significant impact in any home/office. Great design can bring hope, warmth, and purpose to a dark and dreary space.

As a creative leader, give great attention to your spaces, especially the spaces of your teams (hire a designer if you need to). By doing so, you will inspire your community and add a lot of credibility to your leadership. Why? Because great interior design equals love and love is the basis for successful creative leadership.

Love your people.

To watch clips from cWOW Design Stars: