What’s in your inbox?

Posted on March 27, 2009



I accomplished something that I don’t do very often; I completely emptied my ‘inbox’. I consider this a minor miracle since it only happens about as frequent as Haley’s comet visit’s our solar system (every 75 yrs or so). It’s was an amazing sense of empowerment when I saw the words ‘there are no items to show in this view’. I actually stood up and yelled out loud “I dare you Outlook to defy me!” in a most primal ‘yalp’ (ref. Dead Poets Society). After a short victory dance, the adrenaline finally dropped off. I then asked myself, why was I so excited about this small, simple victory?

As creative leaders, our progress is not easily measured. How do you quantify inspiration? How do you measure a changed life? What is the value of an idea? We are masters of a domain that exists only in our imagination. I know, I am making creative leaders sound a little loony- and maybe we are a bit. We drive to make the intangible, tangible. We obsessed with making dreams into reality. On occasion, we are lucky enough to see the real results but most of the time we are just building in our imagination. That’s why we need concrete victories to keep us sane- even if its small.

What’s the ‘inbox’ in your world? Is it an immaculate car? Maybe it’s a well tended garden? Or maybe it’s the eradication of dirty laundry? Whatever it is, you need it. It a statement to this convoluted world that you have sovereignty- and a little barbaric yalp also feels good to your inner soul. So find your ‘inbox’ and defeat it regularly.

Not only will you feel better but it will help you think outside the inbox. 

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