Will you sell out?

Posted on March 24, 2009


Here is another excert from Hugh MacLeod (GapingVoid). He has great insight on creativity, originality, & finding your own voice. He offeres profound but simple truths that can apply to all Creative Leadership types.


If your biz plan depends on you suddenly being “discovered” by some big shot, your plan will probably fail.Nobody suddenly discovers anything. Things are made slowly and in pain.


I was offered a quite substantial publishing deal a year or two ago. Turned it down. The company sent me a contract. I looked it over. Hmmmm… I called the company back, asked for some clarifications on some points in the contract. I never heard back from them. The deal died.

This was a very respected company. You may have even heard of it. They just assumed I must be just like all the other people they represent- hungry and desperate and willing to sign anything.

They wanted to own me, regardless of how good a job they did.

That’s the thing about some big publishers. They want 110% from you, but they don’t offer to do likewise in return. To them, the artist is just one more noodle in a big bowl of pasta. Their business model is to basically throw the pasta against the wall, and see which one sticks. The ones that fall to the floor are just forgotten. Publishers are just middlemen. That’s all. If artists could remember that more often, they’d save themselves a lot of aggravation.

Anyway, yeah, I can see my work being a ‘product’ one day. Books, T-shirts, and whatnots, I think it could make a lot of money, if handled correctly. But I’m not afraid to walk away if I think the person offering it is full of hot air. I’ve already got my groove etc. Not to mention another career that’s doing quite well, thank you.