Great ‘Frakkin’ lessons

Posted on March 22, 2009



As I watched the finale of one the greatest shows in history, I pondered how Battlestar Galactica (or BSG) can teach lessons on creative leadership. Here are a few of my musings:
  • Story is everything. No amount of fun, action, sex, flash, or bangs can replace a good story. Lesson learned: Be a master story teller.
  • There are no true heroes or villains. Everyone has a good side and a dark side so you shouldn’t be surprised when you see both. Lesson learned: People are shades of grey.
  • The solution to any crisis is not strength, luck, nor manipulation- it’s leadership. Creative leaders turn obstacles into opportunities. Lesson learned: Leadership matters.
  • People are their worst enemy. Persons are smart, people are dumb. Follow the crowd and they will lead you into destruction. Lesson learned: Lead the masses before they lead you.
  • There are no atheists in fox holes. Crisis and terror creates spiritual moments and a need for a higher power. I think this is by design. Lesson learned: Rely on a higher power BEFORE you need it.
  • The mighty and powerful do not always win. So if you choose sides, don’t always go with who has the biggest guns. Lesson learned: Don’t play the odds.
  • Sex sells. Regardless of time, culture, or people, too many leaders are compromised by the allure of sex. Lesson learned: Be in control before you get controlled.
  • Finally, it’s hard to create momentum from nothing. It’s easier to gather friends when it’s around a great TV show. Lesson learned: Use something good to create something great.
Not sure if we will ever experience a show that is good on so many levels like BSG. The four short seasons (and a few specials) has served to remind me of the potential of the medium of TV & great storytelling.
“So Say We All!”