Posted on March 17, 2009



Have you ever thought why the keyboard is configured in this way verses in alphabetical order? Was someone intentionally trying to make it harder to type? The answer; Yes they were. The QWERTY keyboard was invented in 1874 for one reason, to slow down typing. Shortly after the typewriter was invented, the key typebars were jamming together because of the speed from the user. A new keyboard configuration was invented to make it harder and to slow down typing, enter QWERTY. There have been faster keyboard configurations invented since then but none have been able to dethrone the current keyboard king. QWERTY is here to stay.


I’m not sure why, but it seems we live in a world where good ideas die quickly and bad ideas hang around for a while- sometimes forever. My theory is that genuine good ideas are just plain harder to execute. Bad ideas are usually easier, simpler, cheaper, or take less emotional stress. If good ideas were easy to execute, everyone would be doing it. As creative leaders, we must have the courage to nip mediocrity in the bud. There are full blooms of mediocrity all around because no one had the courage to say ‘no’ when they had the chance. Remember, creative leaders birth good ideas AND kill bad ones. I guarantee there was someone back in 1874 that thought this new keyboard was a bad idea and said nothing. Now we are stuck with it- forever.


Don’t be the next QWERTY King.