Top Ten traits for Creative Leaders

Posted on March 16, 2009


I got this from a “Creativity and Innovation” blog- not sure if they wrote it but thought they nailed it.

Top Ten traits of a Creative Leader:

  1.  Great at generating many ideas – innovative, game changing and even commonplace.
  2. Always looking to experiment with good ideas. Sometimes trying it out a few times.
  3. Unwavering belief in their creativity and innovation, coupled with originality in thinking.
  4. Smart and bright with a positive self-image. More often, they are not born geniuses.
  5.  Passionate, expressive and sensitive to their teams, colleagues and surroundings.
  6. Demonstrate superior judgment, and do not make quick decisions (although have a gut feel).
  7. Non-conformists and independent, requiring less social approval than most people.
  8. Innate ability to understand and solve the problem, and manage the consequences.
  9. Born dreamers with strong imagination; however, manage to keep things in perspective.
  10. Create and launch game changing products meeting a high level of quality and design.

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