Space, the final frontier

Posted on March 9, 2009



When I was a kid, those were my favorite four words to hear; “Space, the final frontier…” I loved what that phrase represented. It was the final quest of mankind. It was the last journey of humanity. Today, we may be a long way from traveling to distant galaxies but I do still think ‘space’ is the final frontier. We live in an era of being completely ‘plugged in’. We’ve developed a weird co-dependency on technology. Whether it’s our laptop, desk top, phone, GPS, video games, or iPod, there is always something that is competing for our time.  Are any of us really so important that we need to be constantly connected at all times? Would the world stop turning if you did not respond to e-mail for a day or two? How did busyness get equated to importance? We are inundated with sound, noise, and clutter; we almost can’t escape it even if we want to. That’s why, in this technological invasion, space WILL be the final frontier for the creative leader.


I believe the creative leader needs space on a regular basis. You need space to think, space to reflect, and space to create. There needs to be a regular rhythm of getting unplugged from and getting plugged into soul exploration. It doesn’t matter if you spend that time reading, writing, drawing, or day dreaming- as long as you are decompressing from the pressures of life and expressing yourself in quiet and meaningful ways.


This is one of the reasons why I blog daily. There are days I don’t want to do it but I know the exercise of sitting in a coffee shop expressing my thoughts helps my soul, mind, and spirit. Its space where God and I can meet and I can focus on what’s important instead of what’s urgent. I would rather fail at the urgent things and win at the important things in life.


The best gift you can give your work, church, and family is an inspired and well ordered life. I know it’s hard, but make the decision to take time every day to create space for yourself. Your leadership and art will vastly improve as a result. The best part is that if you explore space, you will probably discover new frontiers.

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