Our modern day idol

Posted on March 8, 2009



The creation of the ‘convenience store’ is a credit to the modern commercial world. Was there a shortage of grocery stores in society? Did the convenience store offer a new product that the larger stores could not? No, the reason why they exist is to provide one thing to the consumer- convenience. You walk in, shop, and walk out all under 5 minutes. How…well, convenient! These types of stores will always be in demand because of our need to expedite our lives. If we can make life faster, and easier, why wouldn’t we?

I think the concept of convenience is dangerous. It creeps into every area of our lives in the most subtle of ways. Whether it’s faster computers, smarter phones, more efficient cars, automatic debit, online movie rentals, or you name it, there is almost no area of life that doesn’t offer a luxury of convenience.  The problem of these tools is that it creates a sense of ‘entitlement’ for the user. We start to feel that in some way, we deserve convenience- “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of convenience”.  And when we don’t get it, we feel robbed or cheapened. It’s almost un-American.

I think convenience is our modern day ‘idol’. I think we resurrect and worship this idol without even knowing it. The convenience idol takes priority over almost anything in our lives. We defend it, we fight for it, and we make love to it. It’s gross actually. Now don’t get me wrong, I am guilty like everyone else. I too like my ‘Fast Pass’ at Disney.  However, I think my eyes are opening just a little bit more. In this new economy, all of our idols are being challenged. Things are more expensive, slower, and… less convenient. The paradox is that the faster the processes are, the more we fill our lives up, thus leaving us with less time anyway. No, slower is a good thing. It’s time to tear down the convenience idols in our lives. Sure it’s less convenient but the results are more space and time to listen and to create.

Don’t worship the idol. Tear it down- and more importantly, lead others to tear it down.