The Rat King

Posted on March 7, 2009



The Architect’s Newspaper published a piece by Michael McDonough, the accomplished New York-based architect, writer and teacher, called “The Top 10 Things They Never Taught Me in Design School.” Everyone reads lots of similar things. McDonough’s is different, not just entertaining but quite useful, and valid for any kind of leadership or design discipline.

If everything is equally important, then nothing is very important.
You hear a lot about details, from “Don’t sweat the details” to God is in the details.” Both are true, but with a very important explanation: hierarchy. You must decide what is important, and then attend to it first and foremost. Everything is important, yes. But not everything is equally important. A very successful real estate person taught me this. He told me, “Watch the movie King Rat. You’ll get it.”

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