The Artist Way

Posted on March 2, 2009



I have read many artist process books over the years but this is probably one of the best that I have found. The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, Is a high commitment book that really helps artist develop and release their creative voice. It has been significant in helping me embrace my painting gifts and other creative areas in my life. Another exercise Cameron asks commits you to regular writings called ‘Morning Pages’. This is the practice of daily writings about anything and nothing- it helps to unclog the flow of creativity. This is part of the reason why I do a daily blog.

Warning, this book is not for the casual reader or an artist looking for a few quick tips. If you read this book, you must commit to following through if you want to benefit from the experience. It would also make a great book to do with a small group of artists or writers. I am usually pretty hesitant about promoting creative books but this one has had profound impact on me and my creative leadership.

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