Change your view of the world

Posted on February 27, 2009


There have been many innovations that have changed the world over time. Penicillin, the telephone, and nuclear energy are all remarkable innovations created by remarkable people. But you don’t have to be remarkable to innovate. Author Seth Godin says ‘soft’ innovation can make a HUGE impact in your world too. ‘Soft’ innovation is taking something ordinary and slightly changing it up to be extraordinary. Take parking spots for instance. Parking spots are about as ordinary and boring as they come. 99.99% of churches or businesses would say you can’t improve a parking spot. An urban mall near where I work called the Lab thought otherwise by adding imaginative words:







 These parking lot statements are mind blowingly simple. What an easy way to put a smile on the face of a visitor. When I go there, I actually circle the parking lot choosing a space to fit my mood. It’s simple, brilliant and remarkable.

You might not be able to write the next record breaking song or paint like Picasso, but what are the ‘soft’ innovations you can create in your environment to make a difference? Usually they are simple and easy solutions that have a very personal touch.

Tomorrow, take a look around in your world- there are soft innovations waiting to be discovered.

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