Don’t do acupuncture!

Posted on February 19, 2009



…at least that’s what I used to say. A few weeks ago I was working on an interior design project and I pulled a muscle in my neck. After a trip to the ER, it went from bad to misery. A friend recommended trying an acupuncturist. I was hesitant and skeptical- but desperate. Even in a progressive culture of Southern California, it still seemed too mystical to be practical. Being a human pin cushion was not my idea of healing therapy. But since I could only turn my head about 30 degrees, I was motivated to try anything. I won’t go into the details but overall it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. One week later I was back in action with only minor discomfort. My creative leadership lesson:
New experiences are the key to new creative perspectives


I know, it sounds blaringly obvious- but we ARE creatures of habit. We exert an amazing amount of energy to make our world safe and comfortable. We don’t like new. Why take new when old is perfectly fine??? Well, “perfectly fine” is perfectly predictable and it leads to predictable ways of thinking. I was reminded of how new experiences are the catalyst to unlocking unexplored possibilities. New experiences breaks apart the ‘rust and crust’ in the creative corners of our stagnant minds. Sure, not all new experiences lead to fun and healing- that’s ok as long as you are developing a lifestyle of trying new things. The opportunity to try new things is truly a gift from God.

As I laid face down on the table with needles sticking out of my neck and back, I was amazed with the new ideas and thoughts that flooded my mind. I had been so distracted by the pain that I was pleasantly surprised with the new creative experience. By the end of the week, I immediately jumped back into interior design. Some say it was the best room I had designed yet. Maybe it was the acupuncture. Try new things- Drive a new route, cook new recipes, wear new colors, listen to different music, read new books, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure it’s new. You never know, something that you fear may be the creative healing that you need.




As a gift, I painted this for my acupuncturist’s office. The landscape is a person’s back. The trees represent the needles that cause healing and new life. I think she liked it.

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