Are you an Ennabler or Obstacle?

Posted on January 28, 2009



Here is a graphic I made to illustrate this question. As a creative leader, are you on obstacle or enabler? As a creative leader, you must constantly find new ways to not only hear the ‘fringe’ artist but get them involved. Do you enable the unseen, amateur, the raw, or the meek artist to have a voice? If you are only seeking the advice or input of ‘professional’ leaders and artist then you are not an enabler instead you are an obstacle to creative leadership. Continually create the environments where you can see and experience the creativity of the amateur majority. Most times, its just easier to dismiss the flaky or uncommitted and just seek out the mature, seasoned artists. By doing so, you rob yourself of all sorts of potential original works and inspirations. Don’t play it safe. Don’t follow the professional herd. Instead, go out and tap into the majority group- There is brilliance around many unseen corners.  

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