An interview with sound engineer Ron Schwing

Posted on January 21, 2009



I have really enjoyed getting to know Ron Schwing this past year. His day job is at QSC Audio ( and by night & weekends he’a a Sound Engineer at Newsong Church- he has a great heart and great ears. Thanks Ron for sharing your art of sound with us:

Q: If you had to describe your artistry in one word, what would it be?
Sound Engineer

Q: How did you develop a love for your art?
It started with my love for music and how it touches the soul. From there I was introduced to sound equipment and the love went to another level.

Q: What inspires you?
The spirit of God and music performed with a true passion as if the only way they could express all they are feeling is by what instrument they are playing (including the voice) at the time.

Q: Describe your “creative process”.
Preparation is everything. Start with God for it to matter where it will last. This includes preparing the heart, mind and will through prayer and seeking God’s face and making every effort to run to God, not from Him. Listen to what God wants and when you are sure of it, do it. Flow with it and have fun.

Q; What is a common mistake you notice during the create process.
Trusting too much in our own wisdom and skills, as if we know better than God.

Q: How do you think your art form has evolved during this generation?
It has become too predicable and controlled. The new and creative things they were doing in the earlier days with sound and the technology to record and reinforce it were simply incredible. The level of technical skill along with just a creative mind set of “lets see what happens” has seemingly gone away. It has more in common with commodities than creativity today. There are formulas now for how long a song should be, the tempo, the number of choruses, etc, etc. They squish everything so that there is no room for exploration in listening. It is amazing that I can listen to a well done CD that I have heard over and over and still find little goodies that stick out every now and then.

Q: What’s the next season of creating look like for you?
I am looking into how I can use the skills I have gained in video editing to create and use my limitation of vision out of one eye to my advantage. To see what others may say is good, but be able to take it to another level in bringing the 2D world into a more 3D like experience.

Q: Any other comments youd like to share?
Become the willing and usable tool of God. That means a tool that works and is accessible when needed. Any guy can relate to having a favorite tool that he knows its limits, abilities, strengths, weaknesses and has a good feel for how it works. That’s the kind of tool I want to be in the Masters hands.We are called to be salt, not the salt shaker or the hand that decides where the salt should go.We are called to be light, not the prism or lens or the one that directs the light.

Thanks for asking Tony. I liked the site, and will be back.

If you are a musician or in the production world, hug your sound guy. Without them the world would sound pretty bad.


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