A must for any Creative Leader

Posted on January 16, 2009


Design always rules.
Whether it’s an event program, room design, or your webpage, design must be the first and last consideration. The fact that we (as leaders) have the ability to create and impose our ideas is a God given right and privilege. I believe every leader (artist, business, community developer, or politician) share a moral responsibility:

1.  To create a better world

2. To create a beautiful world

Why? Because we live in a world inundated with mediocrity. Average is safe. Average is predictable. Average is comfortable. That is why average is so accepted. A leader must engage the world and impose another level of experience. This does not have to be visual but can also be experiential. However, the fusion of visual and the experiential have an unlimited potential to impact the world. This is an example of a club I visited in LA called The Conga Room’. The entry way was themed in a Latin flair with art surrounding the small space. The first thing you notice is a cylindrical lamp hanging in the middle of the space:



When you look up into the lamp you will see that it is some sort of cone like design ascending up to the 2nd floor. It’s more than just a lamp.



As you go up the stairs you see the lamp as it comes up through the floor and morphs into the ceiling.


It is quite a dramatic presentation. The pattern continues throughout the entire 2nd floor space and also serves as acoustic treatments above the dance floor.



So what is it? Is it a lamp, art, the ceiling, or acoustic treatment? Does it matter? What does matter is that this piece of design sets the whole mood and experience for guests. Its not only the things I listed but so much more within just 30 seconds of walking in. Without out hearing a single beat or being served a drink, you already have experienced the ethos of the club. It inspires and leads you to something remarkable. It’s something you will never forget. Most leaders consider content or the big names first- or use it as a driving force. While good content is necessary, design must start and finish any project, experience, or meeting. Do not underestimate the power of design. It is literally shaping our world- the question is, will you be a part of it?


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